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WARNING: ALMOST NAKED….Bleona On The Red Carpet

Sometimes my clients don’t listen and sometimes it works out beautifully. We chose the most amazing designer dress and then Bleona showed up in this. Truly gifted and talented people will follow their own creative direction. Bleona is definitely someone you don’t want to defy.

Most would think this is negative, it turned out to bring a lot of attention and a few thousand dollars for charity.

“Significant Mother” with Krista Allen


Significant Mother

Not since ABC aired “Modern Family” has there been a more controversial and fun show like “Significant Mother”. Krista Allen plays Lydia, a woman who has been married her entire adult life, with a son, wanting to divorce her cheating husband and get’s involved (quite accidentally) in a relationship with her son’s best friend. The show is SO GOOD! SO FUNNY! And above all, so needed. Jonathan Silverman (whom we love from “Weekend At Bernie’s), do the special guests on the show like Dennis Richards and Linda Grey, the show delivers every single week with shocks.

Who’s Your Daddy???