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We  offer creative & unique services in PR, Marketing & writing.  We connect with our clients, and get them CONNECTED!

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Questions | Answers

How does Innovative Souls PR and Social Media make their clients dreams come true?

Innovative Souls PR & Social Media specializes in established and up and coming entertainment related clients.  We represent A-List celebrities as well as up and coming talent, book authors, musicians, writers, producers, or directors.  Our job is to keep an eye on them and get them noticed. We started over 9 years ago in grass root marketing and publicity with a demographic of 35 people and grew to 75 million plus by 2007.  

Today we can reach over 110 million in 6 weeks.   Our passion is branding our clients, learning what works, what doesn’t work and  focusing on key demographics. Writing fantastic press releases, book our clients and position them on the red carpet, co-author books and even take on ghost writing assignments. Create brand strategies and implement them based on our clients expertise, brainstorm new and effective ways to reach their audience and think outside the box.  Our strongest asset to date is that we have fantastic relationships with the media all over the world.  Our motto is “You want it, we create it”.

What can you do for me and my agenda?
Innovative Souls PR is your link to the decision makers that would be nearly impossible to reach. Our firm specializes in mainstream media, college and Universities, morning drive radio, newspapers, talk shows, and national television.   That just sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  So our question for you is:  What do you have for the media?  Is it honed in? Does it speak to an audience?  Have you begun your social media presence?  Those are the questions we answer and what we build together.  We’ve been building our clients careers for nearly 8 years and it’s an incredible adventure with each and every one.  Can we help you with your agenda?  YES!  We can build your brand together, create a beautiful look, design spectacular graphics, design and/or work on your current website, build your social media, hone in and focus on what you want to say and THEN, we can get you to the right people and BAHM, you wake up with a crazy media schedule.  Because that’s the FOCUS!!
What does your company provide?

We provide a variety of creative services.  In We provide representation with class; we are established in:

  • Writing press releases, pitches and media campaigns.
  • Identify the best angels and promoting you.
  • Get you in front of the right people.
  • Advisers in adversity (because it may happen).
  • Acting as lead publicist for red-carpet events, openings launch parties, concerts
  • Book our clients for jobs, acting, modeling, speaking engagements.
  • Create strategic marketing along with the publicity.
  • Create outstanding electronic press kits.
  • Book and guide our clients through live events.
  • Event planning for our clients.
  • Custom create a social media platform and market to the right demographic.
  • Social Media Platforms (from web designing, blogging, postings, outreach and advertising)
  • Helping clients to network with top agents, managers, casting directors and speakers bureaus.
  • Increasing Internet publicity and providing counsel on web elements and social media presence.
  • Brokering news interviews and exclusive video / photo material for sale in a global media market.
  • Serving as primary publicist and media counsel on PR campaigns.
  • Negotiating print and photographic coverage of clients in major level magazines and newspapers.
  • Negotiating celebrity appearances, photo opportunities and promotional product placement.
Who is Nadine Christine the Chief Publicist?

Nadine Christine, Chief Publicist of Innovative Souls Media and PR has been doing large scale red carpet premieres, DVD releases and anniversaries with the major studios and celebrities for nearly 14 years. Developing and promoting media careers and getting clients into the public eye by branding them and their products to the right demographic is her true passion. No one can beat her expert eye in the fine details and create the ultimate experience.

What can Creative Souls PR Group offered our clients?

  • Writing Services: creation of press kits, biographies, look books, press releases, marketing campaigns, pitch letters and website copy.
  • Designed and hand built websites for clients to meet the proper agenda the clients desire.
  • Media Outreach: press release and press kit distribution; getting press-worthy topics out on the wire to our extensive network of tailored contacts in print, radio & broadcast.
  • Editorial Outreach: targeted pitches including seasonal stories, trend stories, new product launches, event promotions, TV appearances and more.
  • Contact Management: contacting & maintaining relationships with relevant connections for the client’s business goals.
  • Non Traditional Exposure: (our specialty) finding unconventional ways to get her clients exposure & visibility in the industry and the market place.
Will you work with anyone willing to pay?
Absolutely not!  We are willing to work with anyone who is willing to work hard, pay attention, learn, continue to build themselves, their brand and understand that they are about to be put in the spotlight, mostly rejected, occasionally accepted and hang in there with us to the finish line. They are willing wake up early, go to bed late, work harder and above all else RESONATE with the public.  We are willing to work with people who know their brand and message.  It doesn’t mean they have it perfected or all honed in. Actually, that is our job.  But they know who they are and will push their agenda to the nines without excuses.  Tears are fully permissible and often encouraged and conversations will take up a vast majority of our time while we implement and create your dream. Complaining however, is kept to a minimum. 

I understand you're experienced Innovative Souls and are you connected to the major decision makers?
We are connected to all the major decision makers in Hollywood, NY and Intentionally as well.  Our ability to reach an audience in the millions is not only possible, it’s absolute. We combine press via newspapers, radio, TV, tangible magazines (if given the appropriate time), online magazines, online news centers (high rate of algorithms), social circles, meta-tags, viral outreach and finally, direct access to all the college and universities newspapers and radio stations in the country. We’ve worked directly with all of the major media and around the world; have outstanding relationships with editors and chiefs of Newspapers, top producers at radio stations and television news stations and networks.  We are out of the box thinkers and will work hand in hand with to give our clients exactly what they want. The word “no” is not an option.

Can you make me famous?
Everyone wants to be famous. We’ve taken careers to the next level because we are connected, intelligent and creative. But your participation and patience is imperative. We’ve seen success in our clients who’ve taken a strong role in creating with us. We’ve seen a lack of success with those who thing we’re responsible for making them famous. It doesn’t work that way. We can certainly create something fantastic together. The key word being “together”. Let’s talk. 


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